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Blackheart Creations makes custom graphic art & handmade crafts. 

Inspired by nature, plants, animals, and livin' vegan in Denver, CO. 


​Let me create your perfect piece of art! Contact me for a quote!

Custom Art, Graphic Design, and Crafts

Hi, my name is Kayla Gilbert! I love to create and make art. I'm also an avid community organizer, event planner, and advocate for humanity. I've lived in Denver all my life and love this city, and dedicate a lot of my time toward making it a better place, whether with my art, vegan advocacy, or transportation mobility work. 

I am primarily an artist and crafter, but constantly have my hands in various other projects as a dabbler at heart, such as organizing Denver's Annual Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, web design, and murals. Also locally, you can find my artwork on beer labels and flyers from Alternation Brewing Company, and stickers and crafts on sale at Nooch Vegan Market.

As an artist and graphic designer for hire, I love collaborating with other people to create that perfect piece of art. I particularly enjoy working for local causes, including vegan, female-run, active transportation advocacy,  or other community-led work and keep reasonable rates for this passion work. Contact me about your project at blackheart.denver@gmail.com. 

Blackheart Creations was originally founded in 2012 as a small catering and pop-up shop with co-founder Melanie, and has since then involved into arts and crafts, though still with the same homestyle mentality. The name is in memory of our friend Gelseigh, who died in a bike crash in 2012. I have a black heart tattoo on my wrist in memory of Gelseigh, as a reminder to always extend love and positivity to everyone I meet, and strive to continue that through my artwork. 

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Chile Fest Special Original Art